-Lives Of Americans Becoming Muslim-

Life 2.0

As Salaamu alaikum and Welcome to AmericanMuslim.Life  For many of us as Americans, life as we once knew it, came to an abrupt halt on that special day we made a conscious decision to change our religious affiliation.  We decided to become a Muslim and accept Islam as our way of life.  

This astounding entry into a world mostly unknown, placed all of us on a path of discovery.  For many Americans entering into Islam, the listener will hear stories filled with amazing joy, success within a truly religious way of life, harm, disaster, bigotry and zealotry, while facing seemingly impenetrable walls of high mindedness from those considered traditional Muslims.  

Get Up, Don't Quit!

We're in the year 2020 which is 1441 by the Islamic calendar.  If you are an American Muslim having been Muslim now over 10 years, congratulations.  We believe your journey to Islam is noteworthy and your surviving the trials and test after becoming a Muslim are filled with The Good, Bad & The Ugly.

If you are an American Muslim having been in Islam for 20 years or more, truly Allah has favored you and we consider you a national treasure.  As American Muslims our stories have been of celebration after defeat with disappointments. Becoming a Muslim, one would think, all of us were placed within the most ideal situations to learn and grow.  But for many Americans entering into Islam this didn't happen.  
What Islam is and what a Muslim is are still prevailing questions for some who have become Muslim. Unfortunate but true. The good news is that the answers are simple and solutions are clear.  

To be a Muslim is to believe being successful in this life is highly important.  It is a success that prepares us to meet our Lord, Allah, with a record that testifies to our faith and our works.  We believe in Allah, love Him, seek Him and are trying to fear Him.  Being raised within a world of fairytales, we labor hard to undress ourselves from the lives we've once known.  Yet, for some of us - undressing has taken its toll.  Without knowledge and understanding practical application, balance, which is a requirement in Islam, is hard sought.  

As American Muslims we must critically examine our lives.  This is vitally important if we have any hopes in giving second and third generation American Muslims any successful chances of survival in Islam and life in general.  

Again, welcome to AmericanMuslim.Life.  And of all of the above Allah knows best.  We ask Allah for His help, aid, guidance and forgiveness.  

-Abu Muhammad Abdullah al-Looweesi'aani